Let's give Happiness with a "HappyDaruma" 

to your loved one or yourself working hard

"HappyDaruma" was born from the idea of ​​"giving happiness" to an important person. HappyDaruma's eyebrows and beard are expressed with shining GOLDEN COLOR to get more elegant and gorgious as a happy gift, which has been drawn in black ink powerfully as a talisman since ancient times of Japan. 

The white blanked eyes are for painting by yourself while making a wish or setting a goal, so let's fill them up with your hopes and dreams. Good luck!

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How to fill in eyes👀

Traditional way

Please fill in an eyeball on its  left eye  while  making a wish or setting a goal. As your wish come true, please fill in the other one.  

Please do your best by encouraging yourself to fill in both eyes!

How to fill in eyes👀

Recommended way  way

Please fill in both eyeballs while making a wish or setting a goal.

As you almost feel into despair and give them up, just take a look at the HappyDaruma with both eyes filled in to regain your encourage

※Please fill up with a marker pen or the attached eye stickers

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